June 27, 2010

Bangkok&Kanchanaburi Continued

Sorry my phone died! Have had no service in Laos either, just my luck…!
The cemetery was really sad, each grave stone was marked and it was upsettng to see that all of those men were so young when they died. Dutch, English and French men all laid to rest in a cemetery so far from home.
The Bridge over the River Kwae was really interesting! There were two bridges originally but the wooden one was bombed in WWII. The steel one was also damaged in the middle but both ends are original and still intact.
We then clambered into an old train and road along the “Death Railway” (‘The most dangerous curving bridge which is built of wooden logs along the mountain side, constructed by the POWS), the scenery was very pretty and I can’t imagine how wild and unmanageable it was during WWII.
Lunch was vegetarian for me as the meat options are often too spicy! (I couldn’t even handle the chicken at KFC here…Pathetic)
We went bamboo rafting (A bit disappointing as we couldn’t control the rafts ourselves!) and elephant trekking! I had prepared myself  for the worst regarding the treatment of the elephants as people here don’t hold animals in the same regard as Westerners. Luckily the elephants seemed relaxed and comfortable though a couple had chains  around their ankles and necks. Ours was the biggest and his name was Mo :) He didn’t seem too fussed about anything! The youngest elephant seemed really excited to be there, eating things along the way, tooting and even playing the harmonica! He even waved goodbye as we left. It was so cute and I loved being able to touch them.

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