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Monday is Mosque Day

June 13, 2010

Monday is Mosque Day

Ems picked me up early o’clock today and we headed to the Sultan Quabos Grand Mosque. We were covered from head to toe as women are not allowed to show their hair, ankles and wrists. 

The heat was unbearable! At 10 am it was 42 degrees! The enormous mosque is visible from Emas house and has beautiful, lush gardens surrounding it. On arriving our outfits were inspected (we both had on Calum’s shirts!) and after a nod of approval from the guard we were allowed to continue inside. 

First we entered the female prayer hall (men and women pray separately out of respect for the women so that they don’t have to bend over in front of men when they pray!) 

The courtyards are all white marble, surrounded by white pillars, each symbolizing a pillar of Islam.

The main prayer hall took my breath away. The high ceiling forms a dome in the centre from which hangs the largest chandelier I’ve ever seen! The hall can accomodate over 6,000 peopl and houses the largest carpet in the world! After your eyes adjust to the sheer size of it all you can begin to focus on the beautiful, intricate details adorning every surface, nook and cranny of the room.

The size, architecture and decoration of the mosque is just amazing and the overall mood is peaceful yet regal. Thankfully, every room was air conditioned but once we stepped outside into the blistering heat Ema and I made a mad dash for the car! We were melting!
That night we watched Holland play Denmark and they beat them 2-0!! GOOOO HOLLLLAND!! :) .

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