June 11, 2010

Sunny Days are Happy Days

Back in Oman on Tuesday night and ready to celebrate Ema’s 21st birthday on Wednesday!!
I had the unfortunate experience of driving around in Oman on Wednesday! Luckily, I had Callum (Ema’s younger brother) as my navigator/person keeping me sane! OMANI DRIVERS ARE THE WORST DRIVERS IN THE WORLD! It didn’t help that I’m used to driving on the left hand side of the road whilst Omanis drive wherever they please. They don’t indicate, they drive superrr fast, cut each other off AND REVERSE ON A  4 LANE HIGHWAY! (One driver had missed his exit so he simply reversed all the way back to the right exit!) I’m usually not a nervous driver but I was pretty on edge the whole time I drove!
Fast forward to Wednesday evening and the girls are ready to party! Ema looked gorgeous in a brown feathered dress which we managed to find in Dubai :) 

We went for dinner at a beautiful hotel called Chedi with Ema’s family and boyfriend Tom and then had a cocktail party at Ema’s house later on with close friends of her family. 

Pink bubbly and canapes! Callum and I had secretly put together a slide show of photos of Ema which showed up on the TV screen in the living room. We showed no mercy and Ema had to run away and hide from a few of the ‘gems’ which popped up.As you can imagine, we felt a little worse for wear the following day. We had a swim and some lunch at the Shangri La Resort and then met up with Steven Miller (a Bajan guy who we randomly bumped into in a bar last week!) who came down to visit for the weekend. We went out for dinner at an Italian/Japanese restaurant called Japengos and then spent the rest of the night playing Guitar Hero - Rock Star edition!

On Friday we went out on the McIntyre family boat! It was a gorgeous, hot day as we sped up and down the coastline. The scenery was amazing! We dropped anchor in a huge bay with jagged, clay coloured cliffs dropping straight into the sea. We had lunch and spent the day frocklicking in the bathtub-warm water and playing with the wakeboard and other water sports toys! Steven and I were in awe at the landscape around us. It was just soo different from anything we had ever seen!

We all got rather sunburnt but I felt like a battery that had been fully recharged after a great day out at sea!

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