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PADI Open Water

July 20, 2010

PADI Open Water

Our first introduction to diving was a brief chat with our instructors Tim and Jonas, followed by an instructional video. Our instructors are upbeat, excited (a whale shark had been spotted off of the island and they were keen to tag it!), professional and incredibly good looking. Both of our instructors are actually Directors of the Resort and don’t usually teach anyone but instructors. They’re both rated top in the world as Dive Masters and so it was a real honour to be taught by them, according to the over excited dive assistants! We left the classroom itching to get in the water!
By the second day we went on our first two dives, in an area called Mango Bay which is in the north of the island. The water is as warm as a bath tub and the bay was beautifully clear. Rachael was my partner and we work well as a team, though both of us are very curious and get in trouble for swimming off after fish! Immediately after taking my first breath through the regulator I knew this was it. I felt at total peace with the water and loved the feeling of total weightlessness and the soothing rhythm of the bubbles. Sounds like a load of nonsense but its difficult to describe the feeling to someone who’s never experienced it themselves. The water wasn’t very clear on any of our dives (We’re so spoilt at home!) But it was better at the bottom and we saw so many different fish, corals, sponges and even sea anenimies with families of clown fish! Our instructors were all great guys and you could tell they just loved every minute of their jobs. It was a really positive environment to be in and we left the course on a high every day, grinning from ear to ear! Be happy, Dive PADI! Can’t wait to go home and dive with my Dad, Josh and Bas! :)
Girls after our last dive :)
Jonas and Tim - our instructors
Sunset in Koh Tao

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