August 4, 2010

Full Moon Party*

Glow paint, fire dancers, buckets of Thai whiskey, more glow paint, a ‘pass out zone’ and thousands of drunken/drugged and spaced out tourists going crazy on the beach pretty much sums up the Full Moon Party.
I was never particularly keen on the idea of going to the Full Moon in the first place because of all the horror stories I’d heard of girls being drugged, people being robbd and sheer mayhem on the beach! Where’s the fun in that?
We soon discovered the fun was in the paint! Being the girls that we are, we spent almost triple the amount of time getting ready than at the actual party. I LOVE GLOW PAINT! We painstakingly painted and covered almost every inch of our bodies with flowers, swirls, blobs and splatters in every neon colour imaginable. There was no rush to get to the party at any point and we were joined by a few guys who were staying next door. They were subjected to our designs as well and left the building with a little more decoration than they had hoped for!
We were all a bit slow to get started on the drink as well as we were still hungover from the 3 previous nights! (A pool party, glow party and beach party does tire you out…) Chris and I were also taking the lead as the responsible ones for the night and made sure to only have a couple of drinks. A storm had been brewing all afternoon and it began to rain as we were getting ready. We got to the party around 2 am and it was still raining, which dampened the mood slighty (no pun intended).
As our paint began to wash off Chris and I realised this wasn’t all it was hyped up to be; previous parties we had been to were much better. Looking back on it I think we were a bit nervous and paranoid about so many things going wrong that we didn’t end up having a great time. (And believe me, do things ever go wrong. There are 7 hospitals on Koh Samui built especially to house the large number of people injured during the Full Moon Parties once a month! From cut feet to gang rapes…) We went in search of some food and I ended up having the most delicious chicken schnitzel whilst being entertained with card tricks by two silly French boys. The highlight of my night is always the food :)
The Full Moon was an experience non the less and I now know that if I ever fail at life I could always come back and make a living as a glow paint artist for the Quarter Moon, Half Moon and Full Moon parties on Koh Phangan!

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