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Heaven is a place in Thailand

August 8, 2010

Heaven is a place in Thailand

How would you describe a little slice of heaven?
It’s arriving at a beautiful Thai resort, perched atop a hill overlooking a tropical bay with crystal clear water, white sands and picturesque fishing boats bobbing in the shallows. It’s being welcomed to stay with two wonderful, warm and funny people who treat you with a maternal kindness only found in mums and dads :)
It’s flinging yourself onto the most comfortable bed you’ve seen and felt in over two months. It’s being able to take a warm bubble bath, or even a shower for that matter, without worrying about running out of hot water. It’s having any hot water at all, with the added perk of fresh towels and bathrobes. It’s being treated to lovely dinners and lunches in restaurants you barely glanced at when you flicked through guide books and brochures, never imagining you’d ever be able to eat there.
It’s having great company with a wicked sense of humour and entertaining stories.It’s gossiping and sharing tales of life in Barbados, laughing at it’s quirky Bajanisms. It’s being able to borrow an amazing camera and take cool photos of great places and fun adventures shared.
It’s chilling by a eternity pool overlooking the sea with islands dotted over the horizon. It’s having nothing else to worry about but what you’re going to have for lunch today. It’s being able to relax and enjoy a beautiful tropical island in Southern Thailand. It’s have a real holiday at the end of traveling.
It’s having angels sent to us by the travelling gods. It’s going away feeling like you now have a set of Scottish surrogate parents, having pampered you and taken such good care of you. Its spending a week with Ken and Alison Mcintyre in Koh Samui. That’s how I define a little slice of heaven. 
Thank you :)

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