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TemperMENTAL Thai tuk tuk taximan - Koh Samui

August 4, 2010

TemperMENTAL Thai tuk tuk taximan - Koh Samui

We made it to Koh Samui the day after the Full Moon Party. We were invited to stay a couple of nights with Ken and Alison McIntyre (The same lovely McIntyres I stayed with in Oman) and we were eager to get there!
We took a tuk tuk taxi to the Q Signature resort, which took about 45 minutes as it was on the other side of the island. We were then chucked out on the main road and the taxi driver told us we had to walk the rest of the way to the hotel entrance. This wouldn’t have been a problem were it not for:
A.) A 400 m road to the entrance of the resort, UP A STEEP HILL!
B.) My ever daunting 30 kg suitcase!
We argued with the taxi driver and demanded that he take us to the hotel as arranged. He refused and demanded his 200 baht. Instead we offered him 100 baht and this angered our little Thai taxi man.
We were tired, hungover and in terrible moods as we stormed off with our luggage in tow. Our little Thai Taxi man followed us on foot for about 50 m up the road and then began tugging at my bag, refusing to accept his 100 baht. He screamed, we screamed back and tried to get him to drop us up the hill. (His car was idling on the main road this whole time!) But it got a little bit out of hand.
We were on the verge of tears with frustration as this man refused to let me walk any further (he had a grip on my bag) and kept demanding his money. He even raised his hand to slap me at one point and I backed off, threatening to call the tourist police.
Eventually our hissy fit paid off and he let the two crazy blonde girls storm off with their crazy luggage in tow. We marched up the hill to the resort and were met by a friendly security guard and a golf cart for our luggage. Within 5 minutes we had calmed down as we took in the beautiful scenery around us.
The resort was perched on a hill which overlooked a huge bay fringed with reefs and coconut trees. A cool breeze and the sound of water fountains gave it a peaceful ambiance. The sun was shining over a beautiful infinity pool overlooking the bay. We had landed in Thai heaven and were soon to be met by the angels sent to us by the Travel Gods.

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