April 6, 2011


We are the ‘me, me, me generation’- each of us the centre of our universe, inflated with a sense of entitlement and the feeling that each of us is, quite frankly, brilliant. This is of course, a stereotypical oversimplification. There are many brilliant, unselfish, charitable, wonderful people out there and I don’t mean to rant… What I’m simply trying to figure out is: What is the point of a blog?

I have scrolled through endless pages of meaningless crap, verbal diarrorhea which is somehow meant to make sense, people talking about everything and nothing at all. (All coming back to the same point: it’s all about ME) I don’t want to start another narcissistic blog, going on about myself and the things that I love without acknowledging that this is a rather ridiculous way to look at the world.

This blog will focus on life in Barbados, photography, friends, family and the little things which can make or break a day. Instead of creating a virtual world which revolves around me, I’m taking a step back and focussing on the world around us; from politics to people, tragedies to miracles, friends to strangers and all the yummy stuff in between which makes us laugh, cry, swoon, blush, think, reflect, relax and focus on something other than ourselves.

Here’s looking at you, kid.

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