April 26, 2011

The perfect Easter weekend: Molly lambs & Welsh Dragons

On the westernmost tip of Wales lies a sleepy little seaside region called Pembrokeshire. The Turner’s farm called Tyriad (which means “Farm” in Welsh) is literally what you’d imagine a storybook farm to be like; a cosy and welcoming cobble stone farmhouse, surrounded by rolling hills dotted with cotton ball sheep and the faint sound of bleating and tractors as the background soundtrack. This was our setting for the perfect Easter. We woke on Sunday to the cries of the molly lambs (lambs who’s mothers have died or just won’t nurse them) and we nearly fought to feed the smallest one; aptly nicknamed Night Stalker by Amelia.  We went on a walk; I’m not usually a fan of “walks”- a pointless British tradition with no set reason or destination. But this was no ordinary walk - the hills were alive; it was the most beautiful walk on earth. This was followed by a very strategically planned Easter Egg hunt and a sunny breakfast outside on the picnic benches. Too much chocolate later, we strolled along the beautiful beach and finished our day with a barbecue. What a wonderful day in Wales :)

{Warning: Photo overload! I couldn't stop snapping and you'll see why!}

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