April 27, 2011

A week in the life of a Tory (Sort of)

The last week has been a bit of a blur! I’ve been going non-stop since I arrived on Tuesday though the beautiful, HOT weather has helped to slow down the pace a bit. 
I’m interning for the Conservative Party at the moment, working on the “No2AV” campaign against the alternative voting system that may come into play after the referendum on May 5th. I won’t go into boring details on the pros and cons of different votings systems but my job is to basically drive around the country raising awareness of the campaign and organising photo ops with the local press in Tory areas. Its been great fun so far and I get to use my new Nikon in the towns where the press are unable to attend the events :) We have a 15 ft inflatable “NO” and an ample supply of bright green shirts for everyone to wear in front of the camera, all with a bright purple “No 2 AV” slogan splashed across the front. Some of the comments of ignorant passers by have included: “What have you got against Audio Visual?” and “What’s wrong with Aston Villa?”

Unfortunately the whole country has Royal Wedding Fever and it seems the epidemic won’t die down until after the weekend, which is when we’ll be hitting the campaign trail a bit harder!

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