May 4, 2011

Live Below the Line

1.4 BILLION people in this world live below the poverty line. That means that they live on £1 or less a day. For people who live in extreme poverty that £1 has to cover far more than food and drink - we're talking everything - health, housing, transport, food, education...  Those of us who are privileged enough to think "What should I have for lunch today?" can't really grasp this concept of trying to survive day by day.

My friend Sarah, one of the biggest 'foodies' I know, has taken then challenge "Live below the line"- she and her house mate Rebecca are living on £10 worth of food for 5 days (for both of them). It's an awesome way to raise money and awareness for such a startling issue. Here's an excerpt from her blog: 
Just a thought as I'm spending a lot of time thinking about food, poverty and how others live etc (aim of the week..!). Even though we're living on £1 a day and it is very hard and I am very hungry, I have it so easy, right? We have a clean fridge to store the food in so it wont go off quickly, we have access to great kitchen appliances which simplify our cooking. Come Saturday morning at 00:01 we can snap back to eating for more than £1 a day whereas most people who live in extreme poverty do not have that option. What am I saying? That I'm going to live like this forever now to really empathise with the world's extreme poor? No. I just think it's important to remind myself and others about why I am doing this challenge.
Good luck girls! Great idea and I hope this helps the cause. Follow her daily blog here or read more about the Live below the Line Challenge.

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  1. Very impressed with your dedication Sarah. From one foodie to another I know how hard this must be for you!

    Malou your blog is great. Enjoying reading about your life travels.. xxx