May 24, 2011

Book Review: Eat, Pray, Love ♥

A few weeks ago I finished “Eat, Pray, Love” and fell head over heels with Elizabeth Gilbert’s witty and self depreciating style of writing. From the very beginning, she gives a characteristically frank rundown of her traveling skills: tall and blond, she doesn't blend well physically in most places; she's lazy about research and prone to digestive woes. "But my one mighty travel talent is that I can make friends with anybody," she writes. "I can make friends with the dead. . . . If there isn't anyone else around to talk to, I could probably make friends with a four-foot-tall pile of Sheetrock."
By the end of the book I felt like I myself was in desperate need of a year long trip and it triggers the thrill seeker in most; be it to try great food, explore somewhere new or simply to meet new people and learn something from them. Gilbert's prose is fueled by a mix of intelligence, wit and colloquial exuberance that is close to irresistible, and also educates the reader on some interesting facts about the cultures, languages and foods she encounters along the way. The film really does not do it justice, leaving out Gilbert’s hilarious interior monologue and battles with her conscience. I came away from this book feeling like the world is my oyster and that it's never too late to do the things you love. 


  1. very well written! Somehow I think you wish you were; Elizabeth Gilbert ;)

  2. I really enjoyed the book and written in such a way it makes you want to go to those places and eat and pray and love...............

  3. Must be an enjoyable read Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and orignal, this book is going in by "to read" list.