May 20, 2011

What about flying cars?

Sci-fi novels and films of the last century predicted many things for us in 2011: flying cars, all-in-one body suits and getting around by why aren't we all living it up like the Jetsons yet? The BBC looks at how we are in fact living in a sci-fi future. 

Thankfully, we're not being attacked by robots from outer space and London hasn't been submerged (yet) but there are a few predictions that have come true:

Credit Cards -Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy, written in 1888, predicted cash cards.
The Internet - Mark Twain, in From the London Times of 1904, written in 1898, imagined a communication network in which anyone could talk to and see anyone.
CCTV - Big Brother is watching you, George Orwell warned in 1949.
Lunar exploration - Johannes Kepler first thought this might happen in 1634.


  1. another prediction predictions that has come true, the flying cars! terrafugia transition will sell for $ 200,000 late this year! too pricey though! But I'd definitely see one flying by :D

  2. Very true! Cool article, thanks for your comment :) Follow my blog and keep the comments coming! x