June 7, 2011

Americans at security

Before entering Westminster, visitors have to go through security similar to that at an airport; x-rays, metal detectors and body frisks. I happened to witness a small group of stereotypical Southern-State Americans making their way in and witnessed their conversation with heavily armed security personnel (Who luckily had a better sense of humour than most airport Immigration!) ‘Earl’ was taken to the side as he set off the alarm and he proceeded to reveal a 12 inch blade out of a harness on his leg. A shocked group of English bystanders (Including a group of school children) let out loud a collective ‘gasp’ at the sight of his enormous blade. This conversation ensued:
Joe: “You see sir, we’re ex-miliatary personnel and I was hoping you could make an exception just this once.” (Wink wink)
Security:”No Sir, I’m terribly sorry but we just can’t allow any visitors into Westminster with a blade of any sort, it’s a slight security risk. Heavens knows how you’re even walking around London with that thing!” 
Joe: “Damn it Earl, you gotta give ‘em the blade.”

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