June 15, 2011


Our last day in Marrakesh was spent doing some last minute bargaining. I drank my last few glasses of freshly squeezed jus d’orange (3 of these a day kept the flu at bay) for 4 DH (about 30p). I reckon my immune system is that of a champion by now with all the random, unhygenic crap I’ve eaten; it’s often best not to question where your food has come from or even what it is sometimes. We were warned to eat our tagines with bread as opposed to the cutlery given as it’s often just rinsed and reused. Same goes for the glasses I drank my juice from daily…mmmmmm….sharing is caring, right? (*Update* I did manage to contract some sort of parasite/stomach problem since returning from Morocco so I wouldn’t suggest anyone else be as blase about hygiene as I was!)
I finallyyy gave in to the henna ladies and had a tacky design done on my ankle. I insisted on getting the “black” henna, which costs a wee bit more but looks better than the faint orange one. She scribbled on my foot and we were gone. Within an hour the henna flaked off and it was clear I had been ripped off - my skin now looked like I had contacted a strange orange camel disease. Grr!

I quickly went to a different lady before we set off to the airport and had the proper henna done :) Tacky but fun, I even had some glitter squirted on and I love it, though I can only get away with something like this just this once. Right, Mum?

Chris and I are sitting here on our way back to Bristol, relaxed and please with our hectic, week long trip to Morocco. We would have loved to have visited our new friend Badr in Rabat or gone further into the desert if we had more time but we successfully managed to squeeze lots in to our 7 days!

We can tick the following boxes on our Lonely Planet list of essential Morroccan experiences and highlights:

• Fez Medina

• Djemma Al-Fna, Marrakesh

• Travelling by camel

• Morocco for Photographers

• Goats!

• Essaouira

• Road trip : Marrakesh to Quarzazate

• Riads

•.Imperial Tea in Fez

• Smoke and special coke in Marrakesh (‘special coke’ is wine in a glass coke bottle but we had ‘Morrocan wiskey’ (tea) instead.)

• Saharan Dunes

• Life of spice in the souqs

Beslama Morocco, Choukrane!

Until next time :)


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