July 27, 2011

Message in a bottle ♥

At my friend Samarah's Central Saint Martin's degree show I came across so many great works of art, ranging from the beautiful to the down right crazy, that I walked away feeling revived and inspired. One of my favourite exhibits was 'Once there, now gone' by Elizabeth Cooper.

Elizabeth's project is a personal insight into her past. She's sourced love letters from past loves and relationships, ones that she does not want to forget. Many people store treasured possessions and memories away never to be touched. Elizabeth wanted to bring these memories back, allowing them to sit among our everyday items in an understated way, that doesn't intrude on our present lives, sitting comfortably within them as a reminder of our past.
She has chosen the form of the medicine bottle to represent the notion that 'love is a drug.' She makes each collection by taking the letters from different relationships and shredding them to make paper clay. Re- creating these forms her use of paper clay adds another dimension to the bottle.There are four different collections of bottles, each symbolizing a relationship she had with them.

Elizabeth also found a set of love letters on ebay- a mysterious exchange between strangers who had never met but had formed a loving bond through writing.

Notice the date on the bottle above- Sept 6th, 1941! These were love letters written to her grandmother

These bottles haven't been finished yet as Elizabeth wants to see how this relationship goes...

Beautiful, heartfelt idea 

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