September 23, 2011

I ♥ Prezi

So the only thing that helped me through this crazy week at uni was a new, engaging presentation programme which I think will eventually replace Microsoft PowerPoint. Gone are the days of struggling to keep your eyes open in class during yet ANOTHER group presentation....slide after slide of the sameee stuff... (I can't imagine how boring it must be for teachers + professors)

In steps Prezi, a a cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for exploring and sharing ideas on a virtual 'canvas'. Prezi lets users zoom in and out of their presentation media and to display and navigate through information, giving it a non-linear, 3D affect. The beauty of cloud- based software is that it's all online and can be shared amongst different users; so everyone in a group can access the presentation and edit it individually.

You can also easily embed YouTube videos, without that awkward pause mid way through a presentation to open up a video link...

I'm always excited by new techie stuff and especially techie stuff that allows you to be creative!

Give Prezi a try fellow students (+ business people!), I promise it will brighten your work load :)
Unfortunately I couldn't upload a sample on Blogger for you but you can check out a Prezi presentation on Coca Cola on their website here; not only is it a good example of how Prezi works but it's full of interesting facts & figures on Coca Cola!


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