September 8, 2011

Skip to Malou*

Skip to Malou* has been an active blog for six months. Even though my archives begin in April, I had been blogging since late February but didn't publish my posts until I knew for sure that I wanted to continue. So I've decided to reflect on this whole blogging thing. What is a blog really, anyway?

When I first started this blog I had a vague idea as to what I wanted to do with it; I wanted it to be a platform on which I could share ideas, inspiration, without being too self centred, personal or boring. There is nothing I hate more than a narcissistic blogger (See my first post: 'MeMeMeMeMeMEE'), especially one who rambles on with very little to say. In the words of Banksy:

"Never in the field of human history has so much been used by so many to say so little."

Yet there is something fascinating in reading about other people's lives, sharing in their trials and tribulations, finding similarities between people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, realising common interests. As "different" as we all are, there is comfort to be found in the fact that we all laugh, cry, love, hate, struggle, triumph and experience life in very similar ways.

I've had some feedback from followers and 'anti bloggers', studied other blogs and critically evaluated what it is I really want to portray through Skip to Malou*.

The idea of sharing too much personal information online doesn't appeal to me as I see it as an unrealistic portrayal of self in a virtual reality. But, without realising it, this blog has become a slight, accurate reflection of myself; a snippet of thoughts and ideas, things I find interesting and also a hint as to what has been going on in my life.

Blogging sparks debate amongst friends, making people laugh, smile (or cry and reflect) whilst opening up new trains of thought. I love discussing posts with friends and strangers, hearing their opinions and criticisms. I really enjoy reading other blogs too; be it an interior design, photography, personal or political blog; be it about great journalism, cute photos or simply because I come across things that I never even knew existed. That's one of the beauties of the internet isn't it? 

The freedom to express yourself, share information and broaden horizens.

As a 'new media junkie' I embrace the idea of a virtual environment where people can do these things.

Coming from a small island where people are sometimes afraid to voice their opinions for fear of negative backlash, I'm a bit wary of being too opinionated or controversial in my posting.  

We all know that Bajans are some of the most critical people out there ;) 

I began dumbing down my writing to keep people happy. But now I've become more comfortable with the idea that this blog is my personal cyberspace and I can technically write whatever I want. I feel inspired by other bloggers who are pushing the boundaries and have amazing, well written blogs; they're personal, crtical and opinionated without going overboard. I want to be able to talk about things that matter to me without worrying about what other people think.

Having said that, I've also struggled to maintain by Travel Bug blog so I've decided to combine both on this space. That way I can make the blog more personal, with my daily mishaps and whatnots, whilst also keeping the initial goal of this blog in mind: to share, discuss and reflect on interesting things in life with others.

xxx Malou


  1. Great! Can't wait for more to come! :)

  2. I am kind of in love with that photo by the way. Is that from our shoot in Bim? I was looking at it, I knew what it was, and still it was messing with my head. I turned my laptop upside down and realised that this photo has no right-side up. I love it.

  3. I've enjoyed this blog immensely thus far lady! Glad to hear you're expanding your blogisphere!

  4. thanks for the comments guys :)

    Luke, the photo was taken at Anghor Wat in Cambodia, after Christina dragged my butt out of bed to watch the sunrise! It is in fact upside down :)

  5. This is my favourite post so far... So well said and written xx