September 3, 2011



I’ve decided to dust away the cobwebs on this blog and begin the task of bringing it up to date…bare with me, it’s been a while!
I spent two wonderful months at home in Barbados, where I ran a summer camp with my friend Gina, partied hard and soaked up the sun. Pretty much a perfect summer :)
Since then I’ve moved to Amsterdam to start my postgraduate life here. I took a two week pre-requsit course in research and statistics, luckily passed it, then celebrated this miracle with a weekend in London for Nottinghill Carnival :)

I’m now back in the Dam and ready to get started on my MSc in Political Communications!
With lots of weekend trips around Europe planned, SO much going on in this small but bustling city, I’m sure I’ll be spending my down time (+ possibly healing hangovers) by blogging.
Peace, love & rock’n’roll peeps, bring on the life of a postgrad! :)

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