September 22, 2011

Windows to the World

View from my bus window when I first arrived in Shanghai in 2008. We were crossing over the Huangpu River into Shanghai; in the distance you can see the Jin Mao Tower (On the left - the tallest building in the world at the time) and the Oriental Pearl Tower (on the right) along the Pudong Bund - the famous Shanghai city skyline.
This idea was inspired by a blog I follow dedicated to creating a collection of individual views from individuals around the world. 

I've since thought of doing something similar but with people I know personally as it goes hand in hand with the point of Skip to Malou*; to share, discuss and reflect on interesting things in life with others. I'm so lucky to have interesting friends and family scattered all over the world, from L.A to Hong Kong, Dubai to Argentina. Some are 1000's of feet in the air whilst a couple of them are below the surface. Facebook has allowed me to keep in touch with them and follow their adventures. WhatsApp/Blackberry Messenger have allowed this to be taken even further by allowing us to share photos and snapshots of our lives instantaneously. I love it when I get a photo showing me where someone is at that very second!

We all get that feeling sometimes when we look out of our window at a grey sky or are just stressed out with work. Or, perhaps it's the opposite, where you are somewhere amazing and would love nothing more than for some of your friends to be there with you. I've had that numerous times with my travel partner-in-crime Christina, especially in Asia, when everything was ALMOST perfect but we both agreed that the only thing missing was close friends and family to share in the experience with us. A snapshot is that 'wish you were here' gesture.

Since I won't be traveling very much this year, I'll be experiencing something new through my friends and family. I asked them to take a photo of their view from a window - be it home, office or even car/public transportation at any point during their day - it can also be a church window or somewhere they don't usually go.  TRAVEL photos are encouraged! It can be ANYWHERE in the world, somewhere they're visiting on holiday or for work.

This is about sharing experiences with others in a snapshot, a window to the world. Every week I'll feature a photo sent in with a brief caption on where it is and perhaps a short story to go with it. I hope my readers will enjoy reading this as much as I have organising it!

Would you like to include a photo in this blog feature? Feel free to email me at maloumorgan [at] gmail [dot] com. I would love to make this as global and as interesting as possible :)



  1. I love this idea! I would totally contribute except that I take awful photos :p I'll let the better photographers take care of it..

  2. Haha noo that's the fun of it Steph, having different perspectives! Send me a photo of something interesting sometime xx