October 15, 2011

Guest Post: Cheapside Market

Saturday is market day in Barbados and since I'm stuck inside studying in Amsterdam I asked my friend Kim to do a guest post on a market in Barbados for me :) Check her out over at Pastel Pink Paisley and Loop Barbados. (By the way, Loop Barbados is a fantastic new website being developed by Kimberly and Melanie giving tips and advice on visiting Barbados - accompanied by beautiful shots of our amazing little island. Go check it out!)

Hi Everyone! It’s Kimberly here. When Malou asked me to create a blog post for her on a market in Barbados I could not be more thrilled. Not only because being featured on a blog such as Skip to Malou* is amazing but also because of my absolute love of food, culture and photography (all of which I got to play with in this project).
Now, I decided to select a market which 
A. I had never been to before (I wanted to do some exploring my self) 
B. is a huge hit among locals. 
My end result - Cheapside Market
This market, first opened in 1810, is charismatic and overflowing with culture. It's full of charm, with the vendors offering buyers everything from spices to whole pigs. Whether it be the 85-year-old lady chopping coconuts with a machete, or the 40-year-old Rasta organizing his weeks' worth of cassava, the market has a little (or a lot) for everyone. I was unaware of how much character filled this space in Cheapside, Bridgetown and I honestly think I will make this market a weekly do. The locally grown produce and raised meats and poultry continually contribute to our growing economy in addition to reducing green house gases. I mean, who wants to purchase imported produce when you can acquire them homegrown and fantastically fresh? I think the answer is pretty straightforward. Now take a small tour with me through the market of Cheapside and see if you are lured into it as I was. Enjoy!

Ground Provisions
Snapping Peas
Organising Chives

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