November 29, 2011

Featured Artists: Bajan Talent ♥

Barbados celebrates Independence Day tomorrow so I'm feeling a little more patriotic than usual. 

It seems like a new talent pops up on the Bajan music scene every day. Rihanna carved the way for other local artists to really jump out on the international stage and helped put our little rock on the map as a breeding ground for great musical and lyrical talent. The coolest thing is that each one of these young Bajans has a unique 'vibe' going on ; their styles range from acoustic to rap, dance, pop and country. Keep your eyes & ears peeled for these guys; you'll soon be recognising their stuff all ovaa the place :) (if you don't already!) Unfortunately I'm restricted to what's available on YouTube but you can check out their personal Facebook pages for some of their new releases.

Here are some of my favourite songs by this Bajan posse 
(listed alphabetically): 




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