December 3, 2011

It's ma Birthday*

They say you're only as old as you feel...and to be honest I'd be in my element eating a push pop, wearing my roller skates and homemade knee pads in my panties. The simple things make me happy!

But I'm a grown up now. Today I reach the grand ol' age of 24. 
I'm not one to fuss that much about my age but I still believe in childish creativity. I make a big deal out of birthdays, not just my own. I love any excuse to dress up, celebrate, party and guilt trip my friends into doing whatever I want.

Luckily, the Dutch love birthdays too; I got the impulse to celebrate and make a fuss from my Mum. No birthday is complete without streamers, baloons, cute cards, cake, flowers, thoughtful presents, family and friends. 

As children we went to sleep the night before our birthday hearing the squealing of baloons (And sometimes the whistle of a scuba tank) knowing that Mum and Dad were up late blowing up baloons and decorating the house for the next morning. Waking up was such a joy; the house was an explosion of colours!

Being at university made me appreciate the effort my family makes for birthdays, even though I'm still spoilt with cards and presents every year! (Not to mention wayyy too many boxes of champagne for my 21st birthday, so special!)

Here in Holland people congratulate you for the most trivial things but you feel like you've really acheived something on your birthday by living another year. Your face is sore from congratulatory kisses and everyone in your family is also congratulated on your special day; "gefeliciteerd!"  Almost like they're celebrating an 'un-birthday' according to the whimsical motto of one of my favourite characters, the Mad Hatter:

I'm looking forward to a great weekend with special friends and my lovely Dutch family! Thanks to everyone who knows how to make a girl feel special :) 

And as a wise woman once said:

So here's to many more happy years surrounded by good people, enjoying the simple things in life and childish creativity. 


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