December 29, 2011

New Year's Anti-Resolution

Count on Calvin to complicate something simple...although I do stand by his theory of relativity. I'm not a firm believer in New Year's Resolutions; they're overly optimistic attempts to relieve those who feel guilty or fat after binging over Christmas. How many resolutions last longer than a couple of months?  And girls, who are we kidding when we 'cut out carbs' and yet happily eat the chips from our boyfriend's plates? It doesn't count! Everything in moderation...and I get bored quite quickly... BUT I figure I'm going to give it a shot this time and try something different.
A few friends have suggested trying the 365 day photo challenge: A single photo for every day of the year. 
So I'm giving it a go - as of Jan 1st, 2012 I will be taking a photo every day and posting it on Skip to Malou*! It's a great excuse to work on my photography skills and to carry my camera with me at all times. I have a bad habit of thinking "ooh that's a great shot!", then doubting myself and having sleepless nights thinking of the great photo ops I've passed up. I'll throw in a few themes, like colours or story lines here and there, to try to keep it interesting. This challenge poses two main challenges for me:
1.) Finding something interesting (Spoiler alert: there will be boring photos of my cat when I'm stuck inside studying...!)
2.) Accessing my blog on a daily basis - not so easy when traveling and trying to load Blogspot from my not-so-graphic-savvy Blackberry!
I may have a few slip ups here and there so please bear with's a step in the right direction and I hope I won't lose any readers in the process...
Any ideas, tips, complaints or opinions would be greatly appreciated :)

What are your New Year's anti-resolutions?


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