January 29, 2012

This blog needs YOU

It's proving very difficult to have a life, job, courswork and a decent blog - that is, unless you're lucky enough to combine two or more of those elements. Blogging for money has never appealed to me personally, I think it takes the fun out of things and I want to be able to blog about whatever I like. Recently however, I've been in touch with some travel, lifestyle and photography websites & companies who have offered a few alternatives such as free travel in exchange for reviews, product testing and books (free books!) amongst other fun stuff. Companies that offer these freebies consider various things before they take on a pipsqueak blogger; namely content, audience and style. Luckily, I ramble on about so many different things that my options are open for sponsorship but I need YOU dear reader to help me out. I've shown them the number of visits Skip to Malou* streams from FeedBurner, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin' and the world wide web. Luckily, it's a lot more than the 180 followers I have on Google Friends Connect. Unfortunately, they take Google Followers quite seriously and I will be severly limited until I get my 'followers' up. 
Since I've been such a naughty blogger and I've been posting endless amount of photos I didn't think to ask this of everyone (again)...

So I'm trying my luck today, please do me a favour...if you're reading this, ''follow" Skip to Malou* so I can do bigger and better things with this blog. And by 'following' you won't get annoying emails sent directly to your inbox or anything, you won't even know you're following. It's purely for online popularity purposes, to show that this geek has friends out there who care enough to sign up.


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