February 17, 2012

Happy Friday

It's been a long week - here I was thinking that I could 'quickly' re code my blog with the limited code experience I have from my undergrad. Silly me! I'm also slowwwly but surely transferring everything over from my travel bug (Check out some of my posts on the Middle East in 2010!) In the real world my course work is also catching up and the pressure's on - Beer + a boogie in a trashy student bar somewhere in Amsterdam are pretty good cures for this.

Happy Friday :)


I'm teaming up with Friday's Fancies for the first time this week after a friend suggested I give it a go! I was worried I wouldn't be able to participate this week because I signed up rather late but then I saw the theme : 
"Let's fly away!"
Luckily I had this recent post on my Top 10 travel essentials so figured I wouldn't be cheating too much by using this post, right? Next week I'll be coming up with something new once I've finished tinkering with HTML and other yummy stuff and Skip to Malou* is fully functioning with a fresh, new look! Check out everyone else's Friday Fancies over here.

Have a great weekend - Especially to those lucky enough to actually fly away for a quick break! :)