March 24, 2012

Beavis & Butthead turn 21

My twin brothers turn 21 today! Bit of a crazy concept to grasp as their older sister...I guess they'll always be 12 year old nerds in my eyes. They're in Miami celebrating together at a huge music festival right now. Not only am I incredibly jealous of this but the fact that they're going sky diving together later this week is the cherry on top. Really wish I was there with them to celebrate! Since I'm here in Amsterdam I decided to send them a bit of virtual love instead (With help from some of their friends!) It was so difficult trying to decide on what content to use from not, I have SO many photos & videos...but I guess the rest will be used as blackmail from now on.

It's the first time I've ever tinkered with video, as I'm sure you could tell. I used Vimeo to embed the video into this post rather than using a YouTube video because I find the image and sound quality of Vimeo is much better.  It's  a very finicky process and I nearly drove myself crazy making this! But it's definitely inspired me to keep trying and give video editing another go. 

I know they'll quarrel with me for making this video but I love coming up with new ways to push their buttons; I made sure to keep it at a tolerable level of soppy and cute and I hope they'll get a laugh out of this. 

Happy Birthday boys!


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