March 27, 2012

Not yet lost the plot...

Here's a few things keeping me sane right now:

1. Oh Pinterest, how I love thee! Amazing images to take you away for 5 minutes (or more...) and think of things other than your assignments.
Want to sell your soul? Drop me an email for an invite or follow my pins.

2. Skype sesh with loony toons like my brothers remind me that I've not yet lost the plot. Time difference is a gem in times like these because when I need a pick-me-up at 4am there's bound to be a friend who's wide awake somewhere across the world.


3. Music - I like to listen to a mix of chilled out, upbeat and soothing songs when I work and something a wee bit wilder when I need a break. These are all really chilled:

Bat for Lashes - Daniel (Live Lounge Radio 4)

James Vincent McMorrow - We don't Eat

Gotye - Smoke & Mirrors

Ben Taylor -Wicked Way

Alex Clare - Damn your eyes

4. 'View from your Window' on Facebook; members of this group brighten my day with their amazing photos from around the world! Feel free to join in and contribute! The more the merrier :) 

Any other study distractions you would recommend?


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