April 12, 2012

Paris | Part 1.5

My mum pointed out that I forgot to mention something in my previous post: the first thing I ate when I got to Paris was from McDonalds. This is a hugeee travel sin; why on earth would I go to such a tacky establishment in the land of pastries and escargo?! The answer is simple: Free Wifi. The fast food giant has cleverly figured out that most young travelers will happily pay for a coke/burger/ice-cream in exchange for an hour (or two) of internet access which is usually quite hard (and expensive) to come by. This is my excuse anyway and I've done it in most countries I've visited! It's a chance to let everyone know what's up though I know my mum wasn't impressed when I texted "Hi Mum! Made it to Paris! Sitting in McDonalds..." So classy.

I also forgot to mention that I met some really cool Mexicans when I was chilling on the grass in front of the Eiffel Tower (as you do) My feet were on fire after 4 hours of walking around. After watching them try and fail repeatedly to take pyramid photos I offered to help them out and took some fun albeit cliche 'jumping' shots instead. They wanted to return the favour and this resulted in me jumping up and down about 20 times like a complete idiot before getting the shot. Thankfully, a Chinese family behind us liked what we were doing and proceeded to make their 3 year old daughter try the same thing!

Meeting the Mexicans made me appreciate traveling on my own, something I've never considered before. It would be easy to push myself to join in on other groups of travelers but I think I'd miss the comfort of a travel buddy. Half the fun of experiencing somewhere new is having someone there to share it with.


  1. Ugh. The worst thing about Europe is the lack of wifi. It's ridiculous. Seriously!
    Love that picture!

  2. Awesome Paris pics!!! I was also in Paris back in FEB., it was breath taking. LOL McDonald's, I had breakfast on the way home at the airport McDonalds'....all I have to say is ewww so gross. And the lack of wifi in the city is so not cool!!