April 17, 2012

What's wrong with our bodies anyway?

Plus Model Magazine’s January 2012 issue caused a bit of a stir when size 12 model Katya Zharkova was photoraphed by Victoria Janashvili. Bold statements accompanied the photos about the growing disparity between downsized fashion models and increasingly overweight and obese American women. The article doesn’t mention the upsizing of the average American woman however, who is vastly more overweight and obese than 20 years ago.
Naturally there are people of all shapes and sizes around the world. We all have that skinny friend who eats more than a horse or the one who complains about being too 'fat' while scoffing cookies. This article is aimed at all of those women who constantly feel like there is something wrong with their body if they're not as thin as the average model in a magazine. Sadly some think that they need to achieve the skinny look even when it's unrealistic or impossible to do so and it’s nice to see images of plus size models portrayed in an attractive way. At least it helps break the mould of what beauty should look like. The issue of health is slightly different – of course health promotion is also important, but unfortunately fashion images have such a strong influence on what society perceives as acceptable and attractive. This perception is different across cultures of course - in the Caribbean men more happily accept curvy rather than 'broomstick' girls. In Holland the 'average' girl is tall and slim, with defined legs thanks to years of bike riding and playing hockey. In Asia I was told I was 'too fat' to even try on clothes in a shop, even though I'm considered pretty average in Europe.
Regardless of what your personal taste is, I'm pretty sure everyone agrees that being lazy and unhealthy is just not attractive. Happy, healthy girls are sexy no matter their size. If you're really not happy with your weight, do what you can to bring about positive changes responsibly. And if like me, you got some junk in your trunk that will never shift, try to embrace what yo' momma gave ya.


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  1. I was just reading about this, in an article inspired by the rerelease of Titanic. They made the point that Kate Winslet, who we all thought was gorgeous 15 years ago, would definitely be considered big by today's actress/model standards. She's certainly skinnier now! Check out the red carpet pics from 1997 and this year... you'll be shocked at how much our perceptions have changed.