May 1, 2012

Queen's Day Teaser | Amsterdam

This video aptly portrays the chaos that was Queen's Day here in Amsterdam last week.
Douwe Egberts is a Dutch coffee brand that had the clever idea of giving out free cups throughout the day to the thousands of people cruising the canals; it was like bumper cars for boats. 
We sailed right next to the coffee boat and as is made clear in the video, I was pretty desperate for my fix. By that time we had been drinking since 10am and partying in the blazing sun (I even got sunburnt). 
Unfortunately I didn't use my camera that weekend so my friends *ahem* are responsible for the delay in posting some photos on here (Bare with me, I'm working on it.) 
More details of the events that took place + our own Queen's Day video to follow!



  1. Sounds like it was wild!!! You better get on your friends to get those pictures! ;) xoxo

  2. That looks like such a blast!!!

  3. Wicked video!! Looks like a lot of fun :)

  4. Looks amazing and I love that I get to see yours and Christina's pretty faces ! <3