June 4, 2012

Manic Monday: Cuz Cutters

As the video suggests, Cuz is a bit of a legend on my island. This business was started by David's father 'Cuz' who made fresh buns daily and sold them from his wooden hut planted in a car park; years later, business is still booming. David and his sister now run Cuz, whipping up fish, egg and cheese 'cutters' {a Bajan word for buns with something inside}, preferably served with an ice cold Ju-C {a bright red soda}. There's almost always a queue outside; customers range from businessmen in suits to barefoot surfers, the reasonable price attracting everyone for a quick bite. David is also nicknamed 'Cuz' and he has a photo of my mum stuck on his wall inside the hut. Theirs is a mutual friendship/fanship which began when my mum started recommending him to the flight crews she works with. The crew love him, his food and his chatty nature; he's befriended so many people and goes to visit them about twice a year all over the world. I've spent many summers herding about 30 children from my sailing camps over to Cuz for a yummy lunch; nothing like a cutter, an ice cold drink and good tunes from his radio to keep the kids happy.

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