July 17, 2012

Can't waitttt for Carnival Part 2!

Here's Part 2 of my blog post build up to Notting Hill Carnival at the end of August. I can't believe I left all of this off of the blog last year! I think I was too busy settling into postgrad life to blog about it.

This whole carnival concept seems pretty strange to anyone who's never heard of it or experienced it. Notting Hill Carnival is held each August Bank Holiday in London and was started in 1966 by the local West Indian community. When I first partook in Nottinghill in 2010 we were worried about being 'underdressed' for the underground and public transport but soon realised that nobody bats an eyelid at the girls wearing beads and feathers on the tube, they know what's going on. 
The parade starts early in the morning and we were not exactly the peachiest of revellers when we were getting ready. Needless to say, lots of glitter and fake tan later, we were ready to go :) 
What followed was a full day of non-stop debauchery, everyone dancing and going completely wild! 

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