July 6, 2012

Day trip to Durgerdam

Yesterday my friend Oli and I ventured out of the city to a small village called Durgerdam, which was recommended by a fellow expat, Emma. We set out with every intention of making it there within 40 mins but it took us over an hour and a half on our bikes as we kept getting lost. Luckily, we stumbled across the renowned 'Python bridge' in the Eastern Harbour Islands. The neighbourhood rascals were jumping off of the bridge and at first they were being really cheeky and 'cool', swearing and sizing me up but then calmed down once I showed them the photos I had taken of them jumping off of the bridge {I was then requested to take photos of each and every one of them jumping as they tried different poses!}

When we finally figured it out where we were going, we were a bit disappointed to see so many pylons and electricity cables ruining the otherwise picturesque landscape. I was super excited to spot a tiny harbour, so we snuck in and had a look around at the boats. 

The village itself was one long road lined with cute, colourful houses which overlooked the water. Little jettys  were hidden amongst the tall grass and tonnes of kids were jumping into the water, shrieking and buzzing around on dinghys. It was {sort of} like a very Dutch version of days spent at the Yacht Club in Barbados :)

I had to include these two men in a {tub} as they provided us with entertainment as we ate our lunch at a pub on the jetty. They were quite drunk and stripped off to have a dip in the sea {seems quite normal for Dutch and Germans to change into a swimsuit in a public area like a beach or river bank} As one finished changing, the other came out, stumbled a bit as he tried to take off his swimsuit, then covered himself with a tea towel {yes, tea towel} which barely covered his bits up front and left his butt bare. His friend then tried to help him by holding the towel from behind and didn't even flinch as Mr.Naked bent over and stuck his butt in his face as he tried to change. Needless to say, the Anglo Saxons who witnessed this were laughing in a state of shock. Once they had finished changing, the Germans tumbled into their dinghy and crookedly paddled back to their boat, giggling the entire time, not the least bit fazed. Luckily, it only took us half an hour to make it back to the city once we knew where we were going. I hadn't ridden that far in a very long time and my butt and legs were like jelly when I got home!

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