August 31, 2012

Carnival Sweat Shop

I insisted on including these photos in my carnival blog posts because it needs to be shown how much work goes into these gorgeous costumes. We signed up to the Euphoria band and got special permission to make our own costumes out of the materials provided, which was a real treat for us creative cats. Christina took the lead and designed our outfits, Nikita's dad sent up a whole box of goodies from their material supply store in Barbados {How perfect is that?} and the rest of us took orders from the Voss costume extraordinaires {Both sisters had made costumes before with our bands at home}. We set to work on Saturday afternoon, wine glasses in hand and cheese board on the floor, not quite realizing what we were in for. 9 hours of cutting, sticking, measuring, poking, prodding, burning and glue gunning, we had 10 beautiful costumes ready for the road.

Pint sized party

This was also the day that we had a eureka moment and discovered the simple genius of sticking an iphone into a big glass to double as a speaker system. Perfect for picnics & boat trips :)

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  1. The title of this made me giggle! I didn't realise you all made your costumes, seriously well done I thought they were shop bought! I neeeed to try this iPod trick too! xx