November 28, 2012

Inside Insides: Brussel Sprouts & Panda Bears

I previously mentioned that I'm working for Philips Healthcare without going into specifics of exactly what I'm doing. Without boring you, I'll just say that I'm in the Communications department of the MR division - dealing with everything to do with the cool Philips scanning machines used all over the world. Usually bodies are scanned for medical purposes, showing excruciatingly detailed networks of veins, muscles and every lump and bump in between. This involves a lot of time looking at weird images on the scans, trying to figure out what it all means - during my first few weeks all saw was funny looking aliens, puppies, owls & panda bears. It was like trying to find shapes in the clouds! Since then I've learned to recognize body parts but I'm still learning something new every day. Imagine my delight when I came across this blog showing wacky scanned images, proving that nothing everything is as it seems on the outside...

Andy Ellison, an MRI technologist at Boston University Medical School, uses a Philips 3 Tesla MRI and has created a blog with images of fruit, vegetables and flowers that he started scanning for research purposes. I can't believe how different these images are to what I'd expect; who'd have thought brussel sprouts would be so beautiful?

Brussel Sprouts

Try to guess what the rest of these are:
{Answers are at the bottom of the post}

Bunch of 'Pumpkin Trees' Similar to a pepper or an eggplant



This one reminds me of the octopus from Finding Nemo
Axial Acquisition of Lilly Buds

Answers: Bunch of 'Pumpkin Trees (Similar to a pepper & an eggplant), Garlic, Sunflower, Cucumber & my favourite, an Axial Acquisition of Lilly Buds.

Make sure to check out "Inside insides" for more photos & GIFs. Warning: You'll get distracted for a whileeeeeee!
You can even email Andy with suggestions of new fruit, flowers & veg to scan :)

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