April 11, 2013

Ma Bestie in Barbados

This girl right here, she's one of my best friends.
We met 15 years ago, right here in Barbados, about two days before this shot was taken. 

Since then we've gone through a lot together and our friendship has never faltered. 
Dominique graduated as a doctor last week, two days shy of her 25th birthday and I'm so incredibly proud of her :)

I know she'd kill me for writing anything too mushy on here but I can't help it. She's a firecracker this one, and I love her to bits. 
She's been back 3 times to visit me here but the last time was 10 years ago!
Today she's flying in to Barbados for two weeks of fun in the sun and 
I. can't. wait to show her a great time.

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