May 6, 2013

Bye Bye Baby Blog :)

This little blog just turned 3 years old in April and I feel like it's finally time for a much needed make over.
Luckily, this coincides with my thesis deadline at the end of June so I'm taking this time to put my half-ass attempts at blogging to the side for now. I've been SO busy with various projects over the last few months that I've neglected this little chunk of cyber space. It feels like this blog has been 'under construction' for months now (6 to be exact) but I'm finally taking a break and handing this little baby over to a very talented graphic designer friend of mine to actually take it to the next level so that I can focus on finishing my degree. I'm so excited for the fresh new look! By the time it's done, I'll no longer be a student and I'll be ready to give this blog the attention it deserves over the summer. I may still post something occasionally on my Facebook Page, so be sure to check that out.
For now I must bid you adieau my bloggy friends, as I dive into the realm of political science and statistics...wish me luck!

Until July! :)

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