July 1, 2013

Back to the blogosphere

Sup blog diggidy, it's been a while.
I officially handed in my Masters thesis one week ago and it still hasn't quite hit me that it's all over and that I'm no longer a student. 
I was totally consumed by it on a daily basis for the last 6 months. I'm pretty surprised that those closest to me even tolerated my sporadic thought process and occasional stressed freak out. Not only did they tolerate me but two very special people actually helped me with the painstaking task of editing and reviewing every single page I wrote (that's 40 pages of gibberish) and I love them for it.
The reality of finally finishing this masters is slowly but surely settling in, as everyone asks me what I'm doing next. The truth is, I have no idea! For now I'm still the editor for the Barbados Holiday Guide but I'm hoping to kick start my career in politics/ communications/NGOs here in Barbados.

Fingers crossed the job hunt starts on a positive note. In the mean time I'll be getting back into this blogging thing, launching the Barbados Babysitter's Club and enjoying my summer with cook offs, photo challenges and a few other bits and bobs that I'll blog about as I go along.