July 15, 2013


Ain't no beating around the bush with this....our Instameet plan was a big flop.
Sheena and I were so excited about the prospect of an official #Instameet but unfortunately, nobody seemed to share those sentiments. Perhaps it was because we were cooped up in our office at the time and excited by the little things or perhaps Barbados just ain't ready for an Instameet yet (there, I said it). Even our friends were skeptical...they just didn't really understand the appeal. Next time, we'll do a bit more advertising and let the 'right' people know (ie: fellow geeks with a camera!) Also, it didn't help that we scheduled this event the day after a certain 'Cosmo' soca fete.
#Instaflop has a nice ring to it though...perhaps we can start using that for all of the Insta fails we see on a daily basis?

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