July 25, 2013

Sea Reinas

There's nothing more satisfying than seeing hard work and dedication come to fruition, especially when it's one of your friends.

I've known Isabelle for most of my life (we have quite a few embarrassing baby pics) and she's always managed to be her own boss and channel her intelligence, incredible language skills and creativity into whatever she does. This busy bee has been working her little butt off on launching her own swimsuit label here in Barbados and after a lot of blood, sweat and tears, it's finally happening!

Sea Reinas is a local Barbadian brand of 'lifestyle products suggestive of our island heritage yet revelatory of global influence. Sea Reinas style fuses the traditional with contemporary, marrying Caribbean glamour with creations from Latin American artists.' Isabelle's strong connections with Latin America helped inspire this relationship; she designs the swimsuits herself and has them produced in Colombia.

When you live on an island and spend most weekends on the beach, good swimsuits are a godsend. Most swimsuit designers claim that they want to create styles that suit every body shape but that's hardly ever the case. Curvy girls don't have it easy, especially if you prefer a nice whole piece that doesn't make you look like a granny. Isabelle tackled this issue head on, acknowledging that it takes all shapes to make the world go 'round and she offers a wide range of styles and cuts to suit everyone, from the curvy and busty to the skinny minnies. She's keeping it real and I love her for it.

Her new collection  is being shown on August 30th (Location TBA) along with the official Sea Reinas website. In the mean time, you can show her some love and check out more of her designs on her Facebook Page.


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