September 23, 2013

Sunday Snaps - Rainy Island Tour

Sunday started out bright and sunny, so we all had plans to hit the beach. As the grey clouds rolled in though, we figured it would be a better idea to pack a cooler and take an impromptu island tour. So four of us did just that. In fact, we spent most of the time in the center of the island, winding along roads that I had never driven in my life (shocking) and even got lost. The gloomy weather added a moody feel to most of the images we snapped at first and in typical tropical fashion, the sun was still out for most of the day despite the showers. 
We drove through gullies and villages and pitched up on a vacant lot to watch the sunset, which we were certain was going to be spectacular thanks to the stormy weather. The clouds blocked said sunset and we were all a bit annoyed with our wasted effort. Aren't we spoilt?! We ended up having a sunset drink on a cliff, overlooking the West Coast and we were bummed out with the cloud coverage. Serious #paradiseproblems right there.
Nothing like taking a photographer's tour of Barbados to make you appreciate this little rock. And on a side note, there's nothing like rolling with a semi professional photographer to make your equipment feel like a toy. 

Yes, we always do jumping shots. Yes, I know I need to up my game. 

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  1. Love the shots of the rainclouds and esp. that gif (had me cracking up when ya'll bent over haha)! Despite being overcast, your island is still darn pretty-ful, as my little sister likes to say :)