December 18, 2013

New York | Day 1

I actually felt a wee bit depressed sorting through my photos; my trip to New York was nothing short of amazing and I loved every second of it.

We drove to New York from 'Thanksgivvukah' New Jersey with J's cousins and as the skyline came into view, Mitch started blasting Frank Sinatra's 'New York, New York' because he knew it was my first time. Thanks for that Mitch, I appreciate the shared sense of humour :) I may even be listening to it as I write this post...

As soon as we dropped our suitcases off at our apartment in Greenwich Village, we found our way to Union Square to meet up with our friend Chad for lunch at Coffee Shop.

We then hopped on the Subway and headed to Brooklyn. J and I had discussed this plan a bit, despite the itinerary being a surprise, because I really wanted to visit the Brooklyn Brewery. Off we went, J in the lead, with me thinking that he knew where he was going...

It was only as we were walking across the Brooklyn Bridge that J admitted he had never been to Brooklyn, had rarely taken the subway before AND hadn't really mapped out where we were going once we actually reached Brooklyn. Hmph. So we did what any tourist in this situation would do and hailed the nearest cab :) We finally found the Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburgh and rushed in before the last orders. These babies came in a variety of colours and flavours - my favourite was the Weisse :)

8 beers under an hour later, we stumbled outside, unsure of what to do next and we ended up scoping out out a vintage shop next door. For any of you who have been to a vintage/thrift shop before, you'll know it's a laugh at the best of times, so imagine going when tipsy. I challenged J to find me the ugliest combination of clothes ever and this was the result:

1980's sequins and shoulder pads were the order of the day apparently (this is the closest I'll ever come to doing an outfit post)

After we had regained our composure, we were out on the streets again, trying to find a restroom. We walked into the nearest building, which looked like it had an art gallery of some sort downstairs. Turns out we had stumbled into the Wythe Hotel Rooftop Bar in Brooklyn and this was an installation by a featured artist.

We were directed to the elevators and sent to the top floor. We were a bit confused as to why we had to go to the top floor to use the rest room, but we were game for anything at this point. We didn't expect to see a panorama view of the Manhattan skyline as we stepped out, and it was breath taking.

The view was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, the ambiance was super chilled, the drinks were reasonably priced and the balcony outside offers an even better view of the city in front with Brooklyn behind. I'd recommend this place any day!

What followed was an evening of cocktails and great conversation, followed by more exploring around Brooklyn (I finally put away my camera) and dinner at a Diner in the meatpacking. I had a whirlwind of a day and I was head over heels in love with this city already! 

Stay tuned for Day 2 & Day 3 of our trip.

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