February 16, 2014

Wedding Recovery | Island Diaries

I'm currently recovering from a beautiful wedding that I attended on last night. Ian and Julie are American friends of ours, both free spirits with huge hearts! They started the Slow Food Barbados and are making headlines with their progress at local schools.

A few weeks ago, I posted about the crazy Trinidad Carnival diet that I started at the beginning of this year and as we sipped elderflower champagne cocktails and nibbled on tuna tartar, I couldn't help but feel a bit guilty about ditching my diet for the night. And then I realised how crazy that was and ordered another glass of champagne. See, dieting is such a funny thing; I used to think that people who dieted were crazy, and then I started doing it myself. And here I was, 6 weeks into the most intense fitness routine I had ever experienced, and I was starting to think like one of those crazy people. I shook off these silly thoughts and even treated myself to teramisu, Crème brûlée and cupcakes for desert from Flindt at the end of the night. Yup, it was amazing and I quickly got over the #skinnyfortrini mentality. This was also thanks to the Mighty Gabby performing (a local hero), dancers dressed up in Kadooment costumes, an awesome Soca sesh, a photobooth and lots and lots of champagne.

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