March 24, 2014

Practise what you preach: An exciting #nomakeupselfie follow up

Friday morning started out quite strangely for me. I did a post about the #nomakeupselfie campaign on Facebook and my post prompted quite a lot of discussion amongst my friends throughout different social media platforms, both positive and negative. Some people messaged me privately saying that they agreed with what I was getting at, whilst others told me I came across as quite dismissive of those who were trying to do something good by posting selfies. Feedback and criticism comes with the blogging territory, and I'm always grateful for it because it's an ongoing process for me. 

Let me reiterate that my main point was not to bash those who were taking the selfies but to suggest that they remember to donate to the cause locally. I have nothing but respect for those who take a good cause seriously and do their part to contribute, but I felt like those who were simply posting a selfie without donating were missing the point. I'm not blaming them either, because unfortunately, the opportunity wasn't there for girls to donate to the local Cancer Society in Barbados, as we simply didn't have the means to do so and there wasn't any mention of it in local media. This really bothered me, and I saw this as a great opportunity for our local service providers to work together with our local Cancer Society to raise some money for a great cause. I also don't like to sound like I'm preaching from behind my computer screen without doing something about it...

I got in touch with a contact at LIME Communications, and pleaded my case. I asked her if there was any way that we could get a shortcode for those who want to post the selfies and donate and whether we could get it together quickly. Luckily, she was interested in the cause and asked me more about it. About 10 emails later, we realised that there was little that could be done at that point because it was 7pm on a Friday evening, and all of LIME's technicians were out of the office. Unfortunately, no matter what we tried, it just wasn't coming together. We reluctantly agreed that we had given it our best shot and accepted defeat.

It kept bugging me throughout the weekend though. I kept telling myself, "If only I had gotten in touch with her sooner..." I hated knowing that this could have worked with better timing.

Things happen for a reason, and this morning I received an email from her saying that the shortcode had been put in place and that she still wanted to help me get it together. I spent the morning on the phone with the Barbados Cancer Society, trying my best to explain what a selfie was and how it has the potential to raise money. Better yet, I had to explain how a campaign with no real 'coordinator' managed to raise over two million pounds for Cancer Research UK.

So, finally, after lots of liaising, nagging, emailing, calling, coding & pushing, we got it together. It may be a bit behind the global #nomakeupselfie trend but better late than never right? I'm so excited to work with LIME on this project and can't wait to see more selfies supporting the cause! 

Stay tuned for the shortcode and more details on the local #nomakeupselfie campaign tomorrow! 

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  1. This is great news ! Think globally, act locally !!!! :)