July 4, 2014

Friday's Faux Pas & and my bestie's bachelorette

I was on my way out of the National ID building yesterday, having just renewed my ID card, when I saw a little old lady being walked down the road with her son. She was using a walker, and since we were miles away from the nearest bus stop, I offered them a lift into town. She climbed into the backseat after I shoved all of my bags and stuff to one side to make room for her.

Fast forward 20 mins, and her son and I are chatting away about the World Cup, local politics and everything in between. David, Jean and I felt like old friends by the time I dropped them off at the bus terminal in town and wished them a pleasant day.

It was only when I got to work that I realised that I had forgotten about my bag of "Bachelorette goodies" from Zoe's bachelorette in the backseat and poor Jean had been sitting next to this the entire car ride:

.....Annnnndddddddd on to the actual bachelorette, albeit a very condensed, edited version of it, for the sake of all the parents who read this blog:

Throwing pearls, feathers, lots of alchohol, naughty games & good music into the mix with girls from California, Barbados, Spain, Canada and France! We had such a great time and I suffered the worst hangover in a long time today. Can't wait for the wedding tomorrow!


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