September 14, 2014

Mango Malou

Happy as a monkey with a mango in the sea! 

I'm catching up on a lifetime of uneaten mangoes after discovering that I am no longer allergic to them. Growing up in the Caribbean unable to touch a mango for fear of blistering skin was pure torture! For those of you who know how fussy I was about being near to anything mango related (including skincare products that contained mango extract) you're probably asking yourself: "Why did this girl suddenly decide to touch a mango?"

After complaining bitterly about my allergy (yet again), a doctor friend of mine suggested I 'spot' test some mango skin & sap on my forearms, after explaining that you can grow out out of allergies and develop new ones as you get older. This is especially true for skin allergies like mine, because your skin matures and changes. I did as she suggested and couldn't contain my excitement as I neared the 20 minute mark without any irritation or blistering! I immediately peeled a juicy mango and jumped into the sea. I looked like a 5 year old child with mango all over my face. Ah-mazinggggg! It's such a relief, and I can't wait to eat every mango in sight from now on.

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