January 1, 2015

2015 Resolutions

2014 was a tough, exciting, loving, diverse, unexpected and challenging year for me.

I learnt quite a bit about myself along the way. As I reflect on the past year, I'm focusing on how to make things bigger, better and more meaningful in 2015.

Over the last few years, I've become a sucker for resolutions. I start jotting down new goals in November, so that I have over a month to chew on them and tweak them - a.k.a: make them more realistic.
I decided to split them up into 'specific' with clear goals, and 'general', which is more about consciousness on a whole. Here are a few of which I'd like to share with you:

1. Give up soft drinks

I never realised how much I love soda, especially coke when I'm hungover. Giving this poison up is a small step towards becoming more healthy overall.

2. Eat two vegetarian dinners a week

I live with a guy who is a bit of a meat freak, so I've been working hard on educating him on the benefits of skipping the meat every now and again. We're still working on it, but 'Meatfree Monday' is slowly becoming a thing in this house, even if it's remembered as we're cooking chicken for dinner.

3. Make travel more of a priority & Visit somewhere new

Top of my list: India
Ahhhh India! I've always been obsessed. With two of my nearest and dearest friends moving to San Francisco this year, California is also high on my list of new places to visit in 2015.

4. Dive into more volunteering and develop long term projects with wider scope

5. Start a new company (more on this later)

6. Move daily

Instead of pressuring myself to get my butt in the gym on a daily basis, I want to focus on finding ways of moving, having fun and burning some calories, such as surfing and trying new classes.

8. Send a birthday cards to close friends

Maybe it's a cultural thing, but Barbadians aren't huge 'card' people, whereas the dutch find any excuse to give someone a card for any occasion. I have kept most of my cards over the years and I love knowing that someone took time to hand write a message. Maybe I'm too old fashioned for my own good, but I treasure cards more than presents. So, I'm kickstarting my own 'trend' with my friends this year in the hope that they will see the value in it as well :)

9. Journal 

My friend Jess got me an amazing journal for Christmas and I feel like I would be doing it a disservice if I don't make a conscious effort to use it to jot down my dreams and ideas. This will also help me in being more grateful by taking the time and patience to find joy in the little things.

10. Be more mindful

I recently learnt what the word 'mindful' really means and I envy those who have mastered it. I am to practice mindfulness and to try to slow down and focus more.

11. Learn two new skills: basic graphic design & SEO marketing

12. Spend more time with the people that matter

There is just too little time in this life for us to waste it on insincere, duplicitous and toxic people. We should focus on those who we care about deeply, who care about us in return and who can help us grow.

13. Re - launch this blog :)

I'm going to end this post with some words I wrote a year ago, because I think these hopes still ring true for me:

I hope there are more coffee breaks with friends, more days of unplugging, more beach waves and trips to foreign places in 2015. I hope there are more handwritten letters to be mailed and long phone calls with dear friends and family who live far away instead of sporadic text messages.

These are just a few things I thought worth sharing.

How about you? what are you hoping to discover or change or improve upon in the coming year?

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