April 9, 2015

Island Diaries: #Ilivewhereyouvacation

Warning: This may potentially be one of those cliche Caribbean dream living posts full of colourful underwater and sunset photos.
I took the afternoon off of work on Tuesday, after a bank holiday weekend spent working, to celebrate a dear friend's birthday.
It was one of those 'Phuck it' moments where I switched off my phone, brought out the GoPro, fully relaxed and really and truly appreciated living in paradise.

This feeling was amplified with the rare sighting of 3 stingrays and 2 beautiful turtles; all playing together and hanging out. I nearly passed out from a combination of sheer excitement and holding my breath a bit too long trying to snap as much footage of these creatures as possible.

After the underwater excitement and the collection of a few beers from the nearby catamaran, we were inspired to attempt yoga poses on our boards.
Thanks to the power of Banks Beer, both Jess and Angie were able to get their poses done after only one attempt.

For any of you who know me well, I am far from a yogi on dry land, so this was a pretty unrealistic attempt for me, and I looked like a drunk penguin even without a sip of beer. The snaps below are a testament to my determination though...even if it took me 10 attempts.
 I finally got a split second tree pose done, thanks to the help of Jess holding my board steady for me but I thought it only fair to include some more 'realistic' shots...

Days like these help to remind me to stop and enjoy the sunshine every now and again. We had friends visiting from NYC, who repeatedly asked us whether this is how we spend every Tuesday.
Thanks to our friend Ryan of WhatSUP Barbados for the boards that contributed to a great afternoon with a great group of people!

Photo cred: Ryan of WhatSUP Barbados

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