April 12, 2015

Island Diaries: Sail Away

Why only spend one day celebrating your birthday when you can do it twice as nice?
We celebrated Jess' birthday again [our first celebration was SUPing on Tuesday afternoon] on Calypso Cruises with a group of friends and I couldn't believe our luck with the weather! The day started off dark and stormy, but eventually the sun peaked through the clouds and gave us the perfect amount of rays. When you're used to sunshine every day, people start to panic when there's 'rainy' weather for more than a day...

I can't believe how lucky I am to live here and I feel even luckier getting to do something like this twice in one week. There's nothing quite as amazing as spending the day on a boat with great friends, eating delicious food and feeling the salt on your skin. 
Having friends visit from overseas is always the perfect excuse to go full out 'tourist' and enjoy the special things that this little rock has to offer. Catamaran cruising is high on the list of things we enjoy most about island living, and Calypso Cruises has been a favourite amongst my group of friends for a long time now. Not only are the crew really cool, but the food and 'vibes' are unbeatable and they offer a local, discounted rate on top of that. You can check them out here.

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  1. These photos make me miss Bim so much!! Nothing like drinks and cruising around the islands!